As the food industry continues to change and food brokers jockey for national recognition, their retail efforts have declined. Because of these consolidations, ERS was established to address the retail service needs of the food industry.

As a former Food Broker, we saw the need to provide an in store retail service segment of the business. By creating ERS, it allowed us to separate full service accounts from retail such as resets, special projects and other labor intense areas. This allows us to provide a more effective means of coverage.

In the beginning we focused on the Richmond, Virginia Market and surrounding areas. From there we expanded and are now covering southern New York, New Jersey, Central Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and continue to expand south as the business demands.

We strive to get the best merchandisers with the most experience to become a part of our team. In doing so, we make a commitment to be the best company to work for as well. This ensures quality people, therefore quality representation.